Other Businesses we Rate

Simply D Vine Cellars prides itself on supporting like minded small businesses.   To this end there are few others out there who are worth talking about. In most cases we try and keep it local and are proud to be thought of in the same capacity.

Post Office Bakery:  the used to be our neighbour on Landor Road but are truly the best craft bakery in South London.   "The Old Post Office Bakery, London’s Oldest Organic Bakery, was born in the early 80’s, the  child of an illicit union between London’s 60’s and 70’s counterculture and an ancient European tradition of artisan bread making. Flowing through its veins was always a DIY ethic, a deeply held belief in resourcefulness, and the desire to create wholesome foods from simple ingredients."  Their soudough craft is lawlessly good.

Moxon's Fishmongers: on the Southern edge of Clapham Common, the great people at Moxon's have been instrumental in maintaining the gourmet scene in this part of town.   As South London based fishmongers with over 25 years of experience, and are able to select the finest fish from all around the British coast and Billingsgate market everyday.

Moen & Sons Butchers : are another one of the gastronomic pillars in Clapham.  Simply this long established Butchers sells top class free-range and organic meats, plus deli food stuffs based in Clapham.  Their sausages are sensational.

Sissi Fabulous Food : is our local gourmet caterer who while they make our killer Chocolate Brownies, they also cater for the Dinner Parties, Events and Gourmet Ready meals where they deliver restaurant quality dishes.  Run by mother and son team Sissi & Gregory Schaad-Jackson. Sissi has a flair for beautiful presentation and a reputation for faultless service, and son Gregory has worked for Marcus Wareing at the Savoy Grill in London and Gordon Ramsay in New York. 

Trinity Restaurant and Bistro Union :  We have been big fans of Adam Byatt's work for almost 2 decades since he opened a smaller restaurant in Clapham.  This has now evolved into the exceptional Michelin starred Trinity restaurant and the more accessible Bistro Union in Abbeville Rd.  If you want fine food in Clapham, look no further.

Blackbook Winery : our freinds at Blackbook Winery are also our closest winery in Battersea.  Truly world class wines on our doorstep well worth trying.  Ask about a tour.

Doghouse Distillery opposite Blackbook Winery, there is also brilliant distillery who makes both vodka and gin from scratch unlike many of the craft gin producers on the market.  This really is a first class product.  Ask about a tour.

Mondo Brewing Co, Brixton Brewery, Orbit Beers and Gipsy Hill Brewing Co are all breweries you can walk to, but you would want to as well as they all produce great beers in their own style.  We are just exceptionally proud to have them on our doorstep.

London BBQ SchoolBBQ is something a lot of blokes think is part of their genetic make up but the reality it takes time to perfect this artform of cookery.  Alastair and his team will help you perfect the art of BBQ and show you a great time too.

Say it with Champers : Didier and his team offer personalised branded Champagnes where they can label a wine for your event, celebration or corporate promotion.   

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