The tasting table

After many interminable hours of wine education, we’ve learnt the grapes by rote, studied vineyard maps and winemaking techniques, stood in stuffy rooms to hear the tales  of ‘elevage’, ‘battonage’, and ‘remontage’. Sniff, swirl, sip, spit, repeat……we have measured out our lives in tasting pours.  And it all seems a bit removed from the enjoyment of actually drinking wine.  


Which is why we’ve come up with a series of themed evenings where you can enjoy some decent quality wine, listen to us talk about it a bit (if you want to) and ask any questions you might have. Our priority is to make wine inclusive, more interactive and ultimately more fun.  

Wednesday Night tastings



High altitude wines



We will showcase a selection of incredible wines made and grown in some of the highest located vineyards in the world.






Burgundy is one of the most complex and influential wine regions in the world. Our tasting will cover a few of their sparkling, white and red wines.



Diversity of South African wines



We are passionate about the Southern Hemisphere and love our South African fresh varietals so we will share our favourites with you.



Movember Charity tasting



Don't miss the once a year chance to taste 24 wines ahead of the Christmas Season.

It is not often you get asked to taste wine for charity and this is it. A £15 donation (site fees of £1.32 apply) goes entirely to the Movember Charity Foundation that addresses issues surrounding men's health and cancer. For more detailshttp://mobro.co/gregorylives



The world in bubbles



What could be more exciting than sipping sparkling wines on a Wednesday evening! Our selection will include some of the most delicious Champagnes and sparkling wines from all over the world. Don`t miss it!



Santa`s favourites – Bargain hunter



Please don`t tell anyone but we know a secret : Santa loves wine. We asked him to list his favourite affordable and good value wines for the festive season. As December is a very busy time for him unfortunately he won`t be able to attend so we are hosting this event in his name.



Party time! – Wines for Christmas and New Years Eve



We would like to make sure that you taste our `special` selection before the festive season. If you are looking for an outstanding wine to pair with your Christmas dinner or a delicious dessert wine to finish  - we will have it all on our tasting list.



 Private tastings 

We also do private tastings, corporate events either in store or off site.  

Just drop us a line on either sales@dvinecellars.com or 020 77 332766.

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Parties, events & weddings


We would love to work with you to put together a wine list and/or canapé menu for your special event or party, no matter how big or small. We can take the stress out those family dinners and are happy to work with you to plan your wine needs for that special dinner party or occasion .