The tasting table

After many interminable hours of wine education, we’ve learnt the grapes by rote, studied vineyard maps and winemaking techniques, stood in stuffy rooms to hear the tales  of ‘elevage’, ‘battonage’, and ‘remontage’. Sniff, swirl, sip, spit, repeat……we have measured out our lives in tasting pours.  And it all seems a bit removed from the enjoyment of actually drinking wine.  


Which is why we’ve come up with a series of themed evenings where you can enjoy some decent quality wine, listen to us talk about it a bit (if you want to) and ask any questions you might have. Our priority is to make wine inclusive, more interactive and ultimately more fun.  

 Wednesday Night tastings




Colours of South Africa



The very first tasting of 2017! Returning from his adventures in South Africa Greg will share the experience with you and introduce you to some of the most amazing wines from South Africa. The line up includes Craven Wines, Testalonga and many more.



New school Spain



Stepping away from the traditional produces this tasting will showcase some of the cutting edge wines of Spain. You will be introduced to innovative and interesting wine producers and their incredible wines.



Bordeaux vs. Rest of the world – blind tasting



We all know the wines made in Bordeaux are absolutely outstanding. We would like to challenge you and see whether you can identify the difference between wines made in Bordeaux and other parts of the world. Could we surprise you? Let`s find out!



Reka`s Hungary



In case you wonder who is Reka she is the lovely lady who helps you choose wine - and occasionally makes you drink wine - in our shop Dvine Cellars. She will tell you all about the exciting and amazing wines made in Hungary including wines from Tokaj and other regions of the country.



Ladies rule the world



This tasting is dedicated to all the beautiful and talented ladies who make amazing wines all over the world. We have an incredible list of wines for you to taste. Don`t miss it!



Bargain hunter!



Here is the chance to taste some of our excellent quality wines at the lower end of the price scale. Sparkling, rose, white or red we have everything you need!



Real wines



An evening of organic, biodynamic and artisan wines. Wines from some of the most talented wine makers all made naturally, including some of the new additions to our in store selection.



Wine and cheese pairing



Cheese and wine a match made in heaven!  An exciting evening  of sampling new and adventurous wine and cheese matches.



The weirdos – rare grapes



There are over ten thousand grape varieties all over the world. We lined up wines made from some of the rarest and most interesting grapes for you to taste. Having fun while learning something new!



Born in the USA



On 4th July America is celebrating Independence Day and we are making sure you taste an amazing selection of American wines. A great range will include wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley.



 Private tastings 

We also do private tastings, corporate events either in store or off site.  

Just drop us a line on either sales@dvinecellars.com or 020 77 332766.



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Wine & Dine tasting Dinners 


With our supper club chef Jimmy Garcia, we can also put together a wine dinner or dinner party in our wine shop for up to 25 people for as little as £35 pp for food (min 20 people).


Parties, events & weddings

We would love to work with you to put together a wine list and/or canapé menu for your special event or party, no matter how big or small. We can take the stress out those family dinners and are happy to work with you to plan your wine needs for that special dinner party or occasion .